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Graphic Design

Kerri has a sharp eye for graphic design and a heart for customer relationships. Away from the hustle Kerri can be found in the company of her dog Luna (the lunatic) and getting lost in the wizardly world of Harry Potter. 



Since a young age, John has had a passion for art and service. For over 25 years he has pursued these passions through graphic design and printing. With John leading the charge, X Press Printing has continued to deliver quality service to its community year after year. Outside of the office John enjoys spending time with his grandchild, practicing his faith, playing with his dogs, and cooking.


Print Master

Brian uses his 20+ years of print production experience and keen eye for detail to produce industry leading offset printing. Away from work Brian enjoys spending time in the wilderness, camping with family, and playing videogames.


Digital Production & Bindery Specialist

Lisa is an expert in professional bindery and digital print production. Always on the move, she adds positivity and an unmatched energy to our team. At home, Lisa enjoys spending time with family and her many furry friends. She also enjoys painting statues in her free time.


Sales Representative

Alan is as comfortable on the road as he is in the office. With 35+ years in the industry he understands the needs of his customers better than anyone. When Alan isn’t making deals and developing relationships you can find him on the golf course or expressing his creativity through woodworking.


Web Manager & Digital Marketing

Josh plays an integral role in developing our web presence. He also lends a hand in the production department with large projects as well as delivering printing to our customers. Outside of work he enjoys golf, exercising, videogames, and reading.


Senior Security Officer/Yard Boss

R.B. greets and inspects every guest that passes through our doors. He lets us know when someone arrives long before they ever enter the building. R.B. enjoys expanding his territory by exploring different yards, munching on puppy jerky, and meeting new people.


Security Deputy/Pink Ball Chaser

Louie is following in the footsteps of his brother R.B. hoping one day to take the lead security role. While Louie does a great job alerting us of anything that moves in the parking lot, he still needs some work in the greeting department. Louie can found along side John at all times, either at his side or on his lap. Louie’s favorite activity by far is chasing his favorite pink ball (Pinky).