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Graphic Design & Customer Service Director

Kerri is the Swiss army knife of X-Press Printing. Kerri has a sharp eye for graphic design and a heart for customer relationships. Kerri preforms a bulk of the print design while also handling each customer interaction with joy and care.  She has a passion for conversation that she uses to provide the highest level of service to our customers. Away from the hustle Kerri can be found in the company of her dog Luna (the lunatic) and getting lost in the wizardly world of Harry Potter.


Print Master

Meet Brian, our print master and our unwavering solution for anything mechanical. At the top of his field, Brian navigates the printing press like a painter with canvas. He uses his 20+ years of experience in print production along with a keen eye for detail to ensure our customers receive industry leading off-set print. Outside of work Brian finds joy in the wilderness, spending time with family at their weekend campground as well as hunting.


Digital Production & Bindery Specialist

Lisa is an expert in professional bindery and digital print production. She is crafty with an affection for detail. Always on the move, Lisa adds unmatched energy and positivity to our team. Away from the shop, Lisa enjoys time with her family and many furry friends. You can also find her creating beautifully painted statues from her workshop in her garage.


Sales Representative

Alan is as comfortable on the road as he is in the office. With 35+ years in the industry he understands the needs of his customers better than anyone. Alan’s love of making people happy shows through in the relationships he has with his business partners. When he isn’t making deals and developing relationships you can find him on the golf course or expressing his creativity through woodworking.


Web Manager & Digital Marketing

Josh brings a modern approach to X-Press Printing. With a knack for technology, he plays an integral role in developing our web presence. Josh lends a hand with large projects in the production department allowing Brian and Lisa to focus on what they do best. Outside of work he enjoys golf, exercising, videogames, and reading science fiction.


  • Printing Services
  • Direct Mail
  • Promotional Items
  • Signs and Banners
  • Design Services
  • Wearables
  • Vehicle Wraps and Graphics


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